I can’t sleep. What else is new? But I lay quietly in the dark debating with my mind whether I should get up and start my day…at 4am.

Then I think about you lying next to me…and I forget the world exists.

I realized this morning that I stay in bed with you and try to sleep, because I just love to be near you.

You’ll curl around me, and tangle up legs. You’ll do that stretch you do when you’re fully asleep and just turning over.

You’ll make the cold dark, a warm home for us…tucked away in our bed.

You make me believe in forever, and good in the world. You melt away my worries, for a time. You do that…in your sleep, and when you’re awake.

I’m a nutbag, for sure, but you love me anyway. And that’s true love. And that’s all I need everyday.