Hot Air Balloons

Oh no, that is NOT going to do. Moving here is not going to turn this into a stardate as the title type of…

…But then again…

Upon reexamination, no.

Nothing is ever really a closed issue with us.Quote from The Oracles - Angel (TV series)

There is an unusual calm about me…today (dare I limit it to solely ‘this morning’). There are things that have to be done, things that I have to do and such a limited amount of time to get them done. “I like time. There’s so little, and so much of it.”

I think I am actively trying to stay in the present moment. Perhaps i am processing the data that i have been collecting. Maybe fruition lies beyond the corner, perhaps more years in the desert – whose to say which is better?

My dear mom-in-lawToday, with some focus in my fragmented routine, I might be able to “GSD!” as my dear mother in law would say.

She’ll also say that she graduated from that university — maybe I’ll add a “with a Master’s?” to the joke. T’would be fun.

They’re in next week, and I’m out to hang with them…maybe the reason for the calm. A bit of kin helps to ease the Texas nerves. Will be nice.

Onward with today…

“Anyone who truly wants to be free won’t desire something that is actually in someone else’s control, unless they want to be a slave.” ~ Epictetus

UPDATE (4:58pm): a takeaway from today is that my job is too much servant, not enough leader – I should do something about that.