sharing the spotlight

Switching cable companies, so I think, “let’s get the disconnect started before the install starts.” Little did I realize that meant, #NoWiFi! First time ever that cable company A comes through early.


Then cable company B shows up early.


“Looks like a 3-4hour job. Orrrrr, it may have to be a partial install until we get the rest of the fiber dropped.”

UPDATE: it’s a combo of both – 4-5hr job.


Retreat to my room. To a chore. To my phone for a “life-line.”

– thoughts on mortality, mindfulness, mediocrity…

Stop. What the fuck am I doing?

It took me less than 10 minutes to find another vein to tap, to continue on the morphine drip that has become “life in the Information Age.”

Little did I think today would mean a second to think about our over-connectivity.

Even as I type this – from my phone, because my $1,200 computer is now a typewriter – I cannot sit still and imagine being “off-line.” Why is that?

I’m annoyed. With the way things are. With how much I know about your food, your God, your disgust. About how you believe, in a scenario where everyone loses, I chose poorly. And you intend to educate me. Thanks.

And, now I’m annoyed at myself for having to tell you this. “On my own terms” (this blog), I will continue to play the over-sharing game.

And it will satiate me. For now…

PS: I realize my MacBook is not simply a typewriter.  First-world temper tantrum.