To CV or Not To CV (and other job hunt questions)

So, I’ve reached a point in my unempl…erm…job hunting days (43 days and counting) where I’ve started to wonder a few things about how I am hunting that ever-elusive prey of mine – employment.

I browse job opportunities on LinkedIn,, Monster Jobs, plus I browse other jobs of interest that might be available when I apply for a position on an employer’s website.

I have a great background, a strong letter of recommendation, and an amazing set of references. I tailor my list of references based on the type of position I am applying for – I realize that particular people know particular things about my work ethic, personality and experience.

Question 1: Do you think that solely including professional references – even though they are also personal friends – is the way to go? Should I also have someone that can vouch that I am a G.G.T.K. (“Good Guy to Know”…you understand that acronym if you watch Saved by the Bell)?


When applying for a position, I do not simply upload my resume and generic cover letter, oh no, I spend a fair amount of time meticulously revising my resume and cover letter to explain how my skills would benefit a potential employer. This is what takes the longest, and why job hunting has become quite the chore.

Question 2: Does everyone update their letter and resume to fit the job, or should I create a “Final Draft” of both that will serve to be submitted to whatever position I am applying for?

I’ve applied for 28 jobs, I’ve gotten declined by 7 employers and blown off for 2 positions from the same employer. *NOTE: I’d love to bash them here on my blog, on their website and social media accounts and via mine…but I play nice, and that’s severely unprofessional. Right?

Question 3: When do you just stop applying and start standing by for responses? 30? 40? 50? *NOTE: If I get to 50…I’m throwing in the towel on being a professional.

Question 4: To CV or not to CV? I feel like my resume might not be portraying the story of me the way that I’m intending….here are copies of each:

My professional resume
Andres Cantu_A.C._Curriculum Vitae_2015_pg 2Andres Cantu_A.C._Curriculum Vitae_2015

Lightning Round: Do you think highlighting specific examples of experience and proficiencies do better to market a viable candidate to employers? What is your personal preference? What are your thoughts on these?

Feel free to share this blog post, should you know of anyone looking for a man with “a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.“*

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for any advice you feel like sharing!

*If you don’t know that line is from Taken, I feel like you haven’t life-ed correctly.


  1. According to UT advisors and professors:
    1. Definitely tailor your resume and cover letter for each job.
    2. My brother applied to 54 jobs and got offers from 3. So don’t give up!
    3. i would only include professional references from bosses and team members. Shows you can take direction but also able to work as a team.
    4. They pretty much tell us to keep to McComb’s style resume, but make sure to differentiate yourself.


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