Journal 002: Ketchup Tuesday

Ketchup Tuesday

I have a to do list – several lists – on Google Chrome, it’s a neat plugin that lets you create a to do list in your browser.

  1. Do Doing Done: main list – 1 link, 1 to do (which includes optimizing this very blog)
  2. Reading List: stuff that I want to read (duh) – 9 links
  3. Research: articles that I think would help professionally – though some of them are dated, and I’m sure that there are updates to this research. 5 links
  4. Yoga Mindfulness (just renamed it): yoga videos, meditation and mindfulness articles. 9 links

I have a ton of Podcasts that I need to catch up with.Song Exploder podcast by Hrishikesh Hirway

  1. Song Exploder – currently listening to the Joey Bada$$Hazeus View episode
  2. Aubrey Marcus Podcast – excited to listen to the Tucker Max episode
  3. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes – again, excited to listen to the Tucker Max episode. Side note: This Tweet is hilarious (unless you’re a Steelers fan)
  4. Joel Osteen – because getting some God in your life is always important
  5. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes – P.S. just finished the Pete Davidson episode, and damn if it’s not a clear example of  why I love this podcast.
  6. 99% Invisible -I like 99PI, but sometimes, I can’t get down with it. It’s the reason that I may unsubscribe. I just accidentally switched from Song Exploder to this one about “The Great Restoration” of medieval castles … ?!
  7. Waking Up with Sam Harris Podcast

A little TMI/FYI: I have my yearly physical at 2:15pm today…also, I’m starving…erm, fasting, actually. Post-physical…I think I’m going to devour a small horse.

I elect for today to be dubbed “Ketchup Tuesday” – going to work to knock out some reading and some listening in preparation for the true starting pistol firing for my 36th year on Mama Earth. I like that idea.