Happy Friday — WE MADE IT!!

I’ve often been asked why I smile in the face of so many different phases in life.  I don’t know when or where (I think it was in college) that I started to “get” the Universe/God/Buddha etc.

And, my smile only brightens when I see, hear or read things that tell me that I’m on the right path – for me, anyhow.

Today is one of those days:

Lama Govinda said: ” No individual exists in their own nature, independent of all other factors of life.  Each has the totality of the Universe at their base.  All individuals have, therefore, the whole Universe as their common ground, and this universality becomes conscious in this experience of enlightenment, in which the individual awakens into their own true all-embracing nature.”

So, think about that; I hope you will.  I’ve got it, for today, and say to you: Happy Friday — WE MADE IT!!

— AC